Favourite Cruelty-Free Products in May


I can’t believe it’s already June and it’s like 3 months until I start University and 7 months until Christmas – where does the time go? So in honour of it being the end of May and that June has graced us with her presence; here’s a quick article of my favourite cruelty-free products this month!

1.Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade

I’m honestly so surprised and thankful that this product has the cruelty-free stamp! I’ve seen this brow gel used by many makeup artists/fanatics on youtube and whilst envying their perfect looking eyebrows, I decided to treat myself and get it. I’m so glad I did as I think it makes my brows look way better and more textured, plus the application is so easy. You do need to separately invest in a brush for using it and I literally just picked up a cheap seventeen angled eye brush from Boots and it applies fabulously. I bought mine on Beauty Bay for £15.00, I’m quite glad about the price as I think you definitely get what you pay for.


2. DIRTY Springwash Showergel from Lush Cosmetics

As mentioned a million times in past blogposts, Lush is one of my all time favourite stores and when I’m not able to stock up on their Winter Limited Editon shower gel which is Snow Fairy, my favourite showergel to invest in, especially during the summer, is Dirty. Now I only got a good whiff of their Dirty fragrance last year as one of my friends wears the body spray from Lush, but I absolutely love it; it’s so minty and almost cooling, so in showergel form it really works wonders on hot days or after exercise, it also has quite a calming side to it’s scent so I love using it in showers before bed too! I paid about £16 for a big bottle of it so it’ll last me a good few months however you can get smaller bottles in Lush for around £4.95!

Photo 07-06-2016, 12 44 07 a.m..jpg

3. Superdrug Instant Cooling Spray

In regards to my previous blogpost, it’s been absolutely boiling some days recently. Either that or when I go to the gym I end up so humid and hot that it feels rather gross. Back in the days at high school and such, I’d always try to counteract my body reacting to heat and sweating by spraying tons of Impulse body spray on my school uniform as if that would do anything. However all I probably did was make the top layer of my uniform smell kind of fragranced for a few minutes and choke everybody else in the room with the smell of artificial vanilla. One day impulsively on the way to my boyfriends, I remember popping into superdrug for something small like pads or dry shampoo; something I probably forgot to pack and it was a very warm day so I decided to grab superdrug’s own cooling spray. As the majority, if not all, of superdrug’s own; the spray is cruelty-free stamped! I like spraying it on my wrists, inner elbows, forehead and neck if it gets too warm for me and it really does cool me down!

Photo 07-06-2016, 12 45 08 a.m..jpg

4. Fritz-kola Stevia & Fritz-limo Melon

Unfortunately this ‘fave of the month’ might be a little less obtainable than the others, but I wanted to give it a special mention because at my lovely new job in a certain beloved vegan cafe/shop in Manchester; I am consuming these drinks so much recently if I want a soft drink! V Revolution in Manchester sell a range of fully vegan soft drink brand Fritz! Their drinks also contain all natural ingredients including their caffeine. My favourites are definitely the Fritz-limo melon and when I’m in mood for something that’s a bit more like coca-cola or pepsi, I go for the Fritz-kola stevia! I’m still intrigued to try Fritz-Sugar Free and the plain out Fritz-Kola so I’ll have to fill you all in if those are just as tasty!

So those are my cruelty-free favourites for the month! I hope soon in the future I can swap out more makeup products and such for cruelty-free ones. Have you got any favourite products you discovered in May? Would love to read your comments!


Thanks for reading,


5 Youtubers I’m glad I discovered in 2015

Youtube is one of the most defining forms of social expression currently in our day and age. You have such a variation of creativity and discussion on Youtube, where individuals can dedicate their channel to vlogging and discussing topics important to them, sharing their talents whether it’s poetry, singing, art etc or even creating a visual diary of good times in their lives. I feel weirdly comforted watching youtubers make video logs of their days out whether it’s at conventions or concerts. Recently a lot of ‘youtube-celebrities’ are up and coming in fame and even get to expand their opportunities by being on the radio (Dan and Phil are a great example of this) or even interviewing the president (Seeing Ingrid Nilsen interview Obama was something I didn’t expect to see on my facebook feed today).

In 2015 I subscribed to quite a few new youtubers I hadn’t really watched before and I thought I’d share them here! Check them out if you’d like some new content to watch whilst on a train journey or just when you have some free time.

(Note: this list isn’t really in any particular order)

  1. Rose and Rosie (can I class both of them as one?)

I’m really surprised I only just discovered Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie (theRoxetera) last year as they come across as both the loveliest people ever. Not only are they an adorable couple and their wedding video made me cry, but they are hilarious and their sass with each other is just great. Rosie has her own blog which I have read a couple of times and I am very inspired by her, especially some of her posts on veganism and helping elephants with the company ‘The Elephant Pants’. They both just come across as lovely, humble people and whenever I watch their videos I really hope they have the great future they deserve ahead of them as a family.

2. Leena – justkissmyfrog

I discovered Leena mainly from her video celebrating her achievement of completing the ‘National Novel Writing Month’. She literally managed to write a novel in 30 days. How incredible is that?! I was massively impressed and just had to explore her channel when I saw this. She is a massive lover of books and often does reviews and book hauls. I actually took in her review of ‘How to Build a Girl’ by Caitlin Moran and actually put it on my wishlist for Christmas! So I can’t wait to read that!

3. Game Grumps

I used to rarely watch gaming channels although I appreciate them on youtube because they help give genuine reviews and opinions of games, as well it is also hilarious to see people experience shocks and twists in your favourite games and see their reactions. However Game Grumps was a channel I vastly appreciated being around in late 2015. I had a lot of rubbish experiences in the Autumn/Winter of 2015 with apprenticeships being unprofessional with me and other low moments, and on some evenings when I couldn’t sleep, as cheesy as it sounds, I would find comfort in watching Game Grumps because I would always end up in tears from laughter. Arin and Danny (the main members in Game Grump videos) are hilarious and always have great stories to tell during videos. The Wind Waker playthrough above is one of my favourites as Danny talks about growing up with OCD and Depression, and it’s a nice video because it really gives you hope that things can get better.

4. Dodie – doddleoddle

Dodie is an actual cinnamon roll in the world of youtube. Her vlogs and ukulele covers are really pleasant to watch and she has a lot of talent. I followed her on twitter for a while before I actually got around to watching her covers and honestly I kick myself for not watching her earlier. She definitely deserves a lot of the opportunities she will get in the future as she is extremely talented. Her cover of La Vie En Rose gives me little goosebumps and reminds me of sitting in the sun on a warm day – when there’s like occasional cool breezes and the air smells of clean, cut grass. If someone would like to make me a mixtape of Dodie’s covers so I can listen to them in the summer, I’d vastly appreciate it.

5. Savannah Brown

Go and listen to that slam poem. The first time and every time I listen to it I am left absolutely speechless. Savannah manages to cut through me with the way she projects that poem, she oozes the emotion and frustration behind every woman who has felt those things. Every girl who has been called a slut, every girl who’s been told they’ve been ‘asking for it’ when they’ve been cat called walking home from school, every girl who has been tricked and manipulated into toxic relationships with people who did not deserve their kindness and love. The line ‘Even though you keep telling me I shouldn’t be making noise in the first place / keep your mouth shut, unless I’m the one putting something in it. / It’s funny, the ones who cry whore the loudest, are the ones thirstiest for my blood.’ really hits me hard and makes me want to show everyone this poem. Savannah deserves a hell of a lot of praise and recognition for her slam poems and even her discussions on topics such as not pleasing everyone or gender are really inspiring and I just love listening to them so much.


Definitely check these great channels out! Feel free to share any youtubes you love with me!

Thanks for reading,

Helena x