A poem about rams, inspired by horoscopes – I guess

Have you ever stood before the ram?
Stared back into stern, dark eyes;
Seen the bold sun against it’s heavy, strong horns.

Have you ever challenged the ram?
The noise against the dirt when it stomps it’s iron hooves to the ground.
The aggressive glare because it will take you head on.

Have you ever approached the ram?
Watched it express it’s definitive independence.
Wallowed in it’s own competitiveness.

Have you ever touched the ram?
Known that the fire it possesses can be of both love and the fight.
Knelt beside it and let it lead you to somewhere new.

Have you ever known the ram?
Because the ram shines with more passion than the diamond it’s associated to.
Because the ram shimmers with primacy.
Because the ram is of Mars;
And will be out of this world like something you’ve never known.