Favourite places to visit in Manchester City Centre

I’d say I’m at that age where I’m quite adventurous. Much like an angsty pop punk song I sometimes feel sick and bored of my ‘hometown’, I feel like going somewhere new and travelling and just getting out of the same old that I see everyday. The adolescent angst is more persistent when you’re in a bad mood – you just want to get up and disappear, make new friends, meet new people, go to a town where nobody knows your name.

But obviously it’s never that easy and it’s never the medicine you need when you’re fed up and melancholic. If you’re like me and live in a city like Manchester, chances are you’ve probably not explored everywhere. The daydream of travelling to another little city and sitting in a dainty little cafe is lovely but what about all the little cafes and stores you haven’t already found in your hometown? Maybe you should make your new goal to explore your hometown a bit more. Recently that’s what I’ve been trying to do and I get very restless when I haven’t got money because there are so many places I want to visit in Manchester but I can’t yet! I decided on this post I’d share some of the nice places I have visited in Manchester because I think you should visit them too!

  • V RevolutionThis is definitely one of the nicest places I’ve started visiting this year. Maybe I’m exaggerating, maybe I’m a little bit obsessed with their food. But the place is so nice! Located on Oldham Street in Northern Quarter, V Revolution is a little diner that specializes in vegan Junk food. Most non-vegan people do have the expectations of vegan food being maybe bland or mainly veggies but no way is that what V Revolution is like. They do hot dogs, milkshakes, burgers, nachos and all of them are vegan! But do not taste much different from normal, in fact I’ve never been a massive fan of hot dogs – but V Revolution’s regular hot dog is mind blowingly delicious. Whenever I’m in Manchester I’m always tempted to run down and get one. The staff in V Revolution are also very lovely and friendly! The whole cafe/diner is clean and comfortable and definitely my favourite place to go for a bite to eat and a drink. You can check them out on Instagram or Facebook!
  • Nexus Art CafeThis adorable cafe is also hidden in Northern Quarter, not far of from Afflecks Palace and situated literally next door to Travelling Man(if you’re a Mancunian comic fan you’ll know where this is!) the Nexus Art Cafe is a little creative community venue for art displays/exhibitions, group meetings, events and obviously it’s lovely little cafe! I’ve only been here a couple of times for coffee chats with my best friends and significant others but the whole cafe is just so snug and relaxing to be in – with a lot of places to sit including tables, sofas etc., even visiting here by yourself would be a lovely thing to do. They also have free wifi if you want to pop in and bring your laptop whilst getting a cup of tea and some lunch! The menu is located on their website! They do a lot of yummy sounding sandwiches. Their twitter is also here!
  • Night & Day CafeMy sister took me here once and I really need to go back at one point when I have money, but I absolutely fell in love with Night & Day Cafe when I walked in. Also near Northern Quarter(I’m sensing a pattern here), this gem is a cafe in the daytime and an atmospheric bar with live music at night! You can get tickets for upcoming shows on their website as well as view their menu. When I went in I had some of their cinnamon french toast and it was so delicious and tasty. The atmosphere in general in Night & Day cafe is pretty funky, with lots of arts and neon signs on the walls. You can find information about them on their website, facebook or twitter!
  • COWIf you’ve read one of my previous blog posts, you’ll know how much I rave about COW. It’s definitely a great place for anybody that is a fan of vintage clothing. You can sometimes find some really awesome, unique finds in COW and the staff there are really sweet too. I’ve gotten some clothes from here and they’ve become very beloved clothes to me so in return for their awesome vintage clothes I must spread the love! Visit Manchester COW’s Instagram or Twitter!
    Photo 01-10-2015, 17 15 45
  • Afflecks PalaceAfflecks palace is a unique, store-filled building in Manchester. Growing up Afflecks would always be joked as the ’emo’ place to shop, but there is definitely something for everyone in Afflecks. There’s three stories of different shops and cafes. On the second floor you can find Black Milk Cereal cafe which is known for its amazing cereal concoctions. On the third floor there is also another cafe but without a sole focus on cereal! You can also find retro game stores, crystal stores, bead stores, poster stores, vintage clothes and cool jewellery in Afflecks! I’d definitely visit it if you were having a day trip to Manchester as there is so much in Afflecks! They have a website with directions to it, and individual descriptions of all of their shops.
  • MOSIThe Museum of Science and Industry is a great museum that tends to almost all the senses. I haven’t been in years but it holds such good memories, there’s so many interactive displays that people of all ages can get involved with and learn from. They have the air and space hall which is filled with massive aircrafts that are amazing to look at, they also have the science experiment hall, which is my personal favourite because of all the interactive stuff in it, as well as the Manchester mills exhibitions and power halls! Entry to the museum is free, and a lot of the events they have going on tend to be free too! So feel free to visit their website and find out about it!

So yeah that’s some nice places to visit in Manchester, obviously there’s so many other places unique to Manchester that I want to visit like North Tea Power, Sugar Junction, Home Sweet Home and even Hula Bar! And when I do I will keep you all updated on where I recommend!

Thanks for reading,

Lenah x x

#WEARECOW: Manchester Vintage Lock-in!

I absolutely love vintage clothing. It took me a few years to catch on to the benefits of buying vintage or buying from charity shops when I first started clothes shopping for myself. When you grow up sometimes it’s hard to fall under the fear of seeming ‘uncool’ especially if you’re as shy and sensitive as I was. I remember being scared of the ‘popular kids’ at school judging how I dressed or what clothes I wore. There was always trends going round that people would always try to catch up on, even in a uniform based school. Jane Norman bags were immensely popular with the girls when I was in year 7 and I remember saving up for one because I felt uncool with a backpack. I’m pretty sure the Jane Norman bag broke and its being chucked away somewhere in my wardrobe. I can’t even remember it being a good bag or not.

But that’s really not the point of this post. In the past few years I’ve been introduced more to shopping vintage and finding unique treats in thrift/charity stores. Some of my favourite clothes have come from second-hand shops. Last Christmas I bought a denim vintage jacket at Pop Boutique in Afflecks Palace, Manchester. It is literally my comfort blanket in the form of a jacket.

Pop Boutique is one of the loveliest vintage/second-hand places in Manchester. My other favourite is definitely COW. Found in the Northern Quarter, it’s a two-story vintage store with so many choices. Recently they did a Vintage Lock In to welcome new students to Manchester, but anyone was invited! Me and one of my very good pals, Natasha, decided to head down and see what it was like!

Photo 01-10-2015, 17 15 45

We got into the store for around 5pm when the party was starting and had a look around all the clothes whilst jamming to Baby Got Back, a brilliant song choice by COW right there!

One of my favourite things that I always seem to find in vintage stores is ridiculous t-shirts with dramatic realistic animals on it. Don’t know what I’m talking about? You are not looking properly in vintage stores..


The WEARECOW Lock In also had awesome music provided by Electric Jug and delicious doughnuts provided by Common bar! Cow themselves also handed out free juice which gave me so much nostalgia as I haven’t had these little cartons of juice since discos in primary school!



I wish on the evening I had more money to spend in COW because I came across a lot of cute, quirky clothes that I wanted to have and may have to go back for in the future. This pastel blue jumper definitely stole my heart. It reminded me of December winter because of the cool colour palette and I could picture it with some skinny jeans and doc martens definitely, it looked so snug.


In the end I found two cheap adorable oversized jumpers that I chose between. COW provides quite a few comfortable, tidy changing rooms that you can try clothes on in! The first jumper which was blue only cost about £15 and the second one which was grey was £10! I went for the grey one as it was a lot lighter and unfortunately we are not into the completely freezing winter months yet, and with the lock in discount I got it for £8.50!



I’d like to thank COW Manchester for such an awesome lock in experience and if they ever do any future ones I definitely recommend Manchester students and vintage fans alike to pop down and visit!

Thanks for reading,
Lenah x x