My Current Job Inspiration

Fun fact when I was growing up I had some bizarre ‘dream jobs’; I wanted to be an ice cream van driver at one point and would spend hours scribbling designs of ‘ice creams’ and ‘lollies’ I would sell. Then at some points I wanted to work with animals, either being a zookeeper or a vet. Other jobs I have been interested in growing up include being a writer, artist, graphic novel artist, video game artist, actress, visual merchandiser – and that’s in no particular order! My mind changes very easily and I’m constantly bewildered by how much choice one person can have. I can understand the whole butterfly effect theory where you can basically have tons and tons of lines of ‘opportunities’ or ‘future scenarios’ but only certain ones happen if you do certain things, basically that everything happens for a reason. It makes me scared and excited at the same time. I want to experience as much as possible but make sure I don’t waste my choices on bad decisions or experiences and waste time.

My current dream job at the moment, I don’t think I could really pick one thing. I want to do something that involves the English/Creative Writing degree I will study in the future, something that’ll involve writing itself – maybe blogging and journalism. But as I have mentioned in a previous blog post, I do also miss the illustration/art side of things. I realised recently whilst having a stroll around Waterstones with my sister, a job that I’d probably love that includes both creative writing and illustration and that is – children’s books! Maybe one day I could write books and illustrate them and build up a portfolio based on it. I found a lot of inspiration in Waterstones and thought I’d share the inspirations I found that make me want to pursue this idea.


Pass it On by Sophy Henn’s book cover made me grin as soon as I saw it. There’s something minimalist but eye-catching about it which makes me really interested by it. I love how the balloons and font pop out against the grey background, it makes me wonder if that’s what the story will be about? Acts of kindness and happiness that bring colour into a grey day. The way Sophy’s drawn the characters is really cute too!! I love the left hand character’s bright little red hat. Sophy has also written and illustrated a book called ‘Pom Pom gets the grumps’ which looks absolutely precious! Her illustration is so colourful and she makes the colours contrast well so it is soothing on the eyes.


Also something about her typography choice in both of these pieces is really interesting. I like the cursive, round writing she uses for her signature and in the lower writing on the heading.

So after being very inspired by illustrator/writers like Sophy Henn I think I’m going to try and do more illustration pieces based on maybe book covers or ideas I have. I recently got some new watercolours for my birthday so I think they will definitely come in handy!

How is everyone else’s life lately? What jobs did you dream of doing whilst growing up?

Feel free to comment!


Credit for illustration in image is Sophy Henn’s pieces in her book Where Bear?


Lucid Dreaming, possibly?

I’m quite proud of my dreaming memory sometimes. I’ve always been interested in dreams, nightmares and sleeping. (Especially sleeping – I’ll happily take a nap for research!) I love hearing people tell me about weird dreams they’ve had, I feel like it gives you a little peak deep in their mind. However a lot of my friends sometimes have a bit of a weak memory and tend to not remember their dreams.


Lucid dreaming has always been intriguing to me too, I remember back in high school on social media people used to share this in particular photo describing how to ‘lucid-dream’, however I’m pretty sure I recall this photo be debunked and warned that it can cause sleep paralysis which is quite scary! Lucid dreaming can basically be the state of being aware of being in a dream state, being aware of the dream environment, being aware of your self inside the dream and awareness of your control and actions inside the dream. Sometimes I’ve dreamt and it’s been like watching a movie where I just watch what happens, I don’t choose or control what happens in this dream however lately I have definitely noticed patterns of being able to direct what ‘dream me’ does, almost.

I’m not sure if maybe I am wrong about my definition of lucid dreaming, maybe I believe I have more control over my dreams than I do and my memory is fuzzy, however last night I did have a series of spontaneous dreams that I found I had a lot more control over than usual and I thought I’d share them cause they were so bizarre to me.

Now I learnt this strange sleep checking technique off Teen Wolf admittedly. The great season of 3B where Stiles Stilinski has trouble figuring out the difference between sleeping and reality. You basically count your fingers and if they don’t add up/look normal, you are dreaming. I did this quite a lot during these spontaneous dreams.


So first of all for some reason I was on my bed, texting a girl I used to be friends with in high school and we were talking about university and such however I was on a very old phone and my phone was starting to not let me text and it was frustrating to me. Suddenly I gave up and put my phone down and ‘went to sleep’. Then I was suddenly in my mum’s car and I got out to go get something and I was walking down this road, however I suddenly was confused as to why I was on this street, this late at night. I looked down at my hands and saw that one of my fingers was kind of halved almost, like it was a small nub and on the other hand, I’m pretty sure I was missing a finger. It hit me that I was dreaming and suddenly ran back to my mums car and jumped for it. God knows why, but as I fell very slowly the scene kind of disappeared.

Next thing I knew was being in my bedroom however it was daytime and I was in my bed. I decided to check my hands again to see I only had 9 fingers and thought this would be a hilarious time to tweet (not much difference between real me and dream me). I tweeted something like ‘guys I’m in some weird lucid dream lmao’ or something along those lines. Then a certain person from my past entered my room as if it was normal for them to be here, even though considering in reality I no longer speak to them or want to. They asked me to ‘hurry up getting ready’ and I suddenly couldn’t move. They spoke closely to my face and tried to ‘snap me out of it’ however I felt like I was asleep but with my eyes open. To try and wake me up this person, abruptly hit my cheek and it snapped me out of it. In a panic I ran to my bathroom and locked the door. The person shouted for me behind the door, apologizing and asking for me to come out however I refused. I sat on the bathroom floor which felt extremely warm and almost real like my actual bathroom. Suddenly the noise stopped and I walked out into my room, this part felt extremely real and I almost considered that I had slept walk until morning time and was now waking up. But then I looked down at my hands and I was missing a few and then BAM. I actually physically woke up. Yes I did check my hands again. (And my twitter, I almost kind of wanted to see if my tweet had made it from the dream world to real world.)

Now I’m no expert with dream analysis and not extremely interested in some of the meanings behind these dreams but I thought my awareness of these dreams was extremely cool and freaky!


Has anybody else had a dream like this before?

Helena x