Yesterday Parliament voted that Britain will join the coalition of nations that are sending airstrikes to Syria. The MPs vote was 397 to 223 in favour of sending RAF Tornadoes to Syria. Personally I am disgusted by the decisions of our government and hope David Cameron and all the swines that voted in favour of it realise the blood on their hands. Foreign secretary Philip Hammond warned us that these airstrikes won’t even be a small amount of time. This could go on for a year. Our government are now murderers and we have to sit back and watch them make these terrible impulsive decisions.

Yes what happened to Paris is unforgivable. All the innocent people who lost their lives, I can’t even imagine what they went through – but bombing Syria is no better than what happened to Paris.

Remember last night when you went to bed. Remember putting your head on the pillow and being able to relax and doze off.
Imagine being a child in Syria. Imagine trying to fall asleep but tossing and turning cause for all you know tomorrow morning you might not wake up.

Imagine not being able to play in the streets and wander without a care in the world. Imagine feeling the sickly goosebumps of fear crawl all over you every time you hear a loud noise near you.

Imagine panicking every time you send your kids off to see their friends cause you might not see them return. Imagine wondering if your kiss to your significant other when they go out might be the last ever.

Imagine not having the comfort of the home you’re in now. Imagine not having your own unique room with it’s heating and blankets and electricity. Imagine not having the TV or Internet to know what’s going on. Imagine having to run away in the dead of night to try and save your own life because people are trying to kill you even though you’ve done nothing wrong.

Imagine seeing young, innocent children crippled and dying on the streets but you don’t have time to do anything about it because escaping the danger-zone you live in is your main priority because if you stay around for too long you could be next to be trapped in the rubble of a bomb.

Imagine not having your hearing or sight or even mobility because of the violence that is a daily occurrence in your country. Imagine not being able to hear your children laugh or play but instead having to watch them scream and cry out of fear but not knowing what to do because your ears are painfully ringing and your limbs are worn down by the injuries.

Imagine finally escaping the danger and war in your country to find out that some countries consider you dangerous. Your whole life you’ve been attacked and bombed by superiors even though all your life you’ve done nothing but try to survive and look after your family. Imagine it.

People in Syria don’t have to imagine this. They live it.

I hope anybody who is in favour of innocent people being bombed in Syria remember to love and be grateful for the safety and comfort they have right now. Because in other parts of the worlds they can’t have it for even a second.

I am not proud to be represented by David Cameron right now. His actions are not in my name.

Thanks for reading


Praying for Paris is not a competition

Last night I spent an hour sat up with my mum watching live coverage of what was going on in Paris. It was absolutely devastating to see the numbers of victims pop up on the tv screen and heartbreaking to know these people who went to the concert hall were going out for a nice out. It was meant to be a good evening for them but unfortunately ended in this horrible attack. I was relieved to finally see the words ‘hostages freed’ on the screen but even now there is still a tight knot in my stomach when I think about it. I will never be able to compare or pretend I know how it feels to be in a country like Paris right now. Much like I’ll never know how it must feel to be a young Palestinian child right now, everyday Israeli forces are using unrighteous force and causing harm and even death to civilians in Gaza. Or how it must feel to be one of the people taking a stand in current South Korean protests, where police have been using tear gas and water cannons on peaceful protesters who are taking a stand about the labour and youth employment policies. I don’t know how selfish and lucky I am to live away from danger and recurring attacks, or understand how lucky I am that, with my white ethnicity, I don’t wake up scared everyday that me or my family could be hurt by policemen and forces using brutality on me because of my race. Unlike the unfortunate list of victims, who are always in my thoughts whenever a story crops up like this, who have been victims of police brutality. I will never know how it must feel to be family or friends of innocent people like Sandra Bland, Mike Brown, Jonathan Ferrell, Tamir Rice, Christina Tahhahwah and Kindra Chapman.

Deep down I know for any terrible situation like these there’s only so much I can do. I accept me and all the people around me online or in real life can only do so much. I understand the media is selective and will hide a lot of facts and stories from us. I understand everyday people cannot stop and mourn because of how common these disasters are becoming and people who are just bystanders like me, who do not know anyone directly involved in these disasters have to pick ourselves up and carry on with our days and we only briefly hear news and stories and evidence. There is 7 billion people on this earth and the amount of crime, terrorism, racially charged attacks, homophobic attacks, breach of rights, suicides, lack of attention to illnesses, diseases and mental health that the earth deals with each day I know how selfish my life is because I do not have to directly deal with these things. I know my privileges in life and with these I want to take as much responsibility as possible and hope little by little I can pay back for some damages.

But the point of my blogpost is not a massive apology for all the world’s problems. I want to open the social media community’s eyes to these disasters because in recent years I always see some people who see problems like these as competitions. People’s lives are at stake or have been taken and this should never be an excuse to try to put people’s actions of support or awareness down. The cold, harsh truth is putting a French flag on your social media profile, or posting a ‘Pray for Paris’ Eiffel tower peace photo on your instagram or tumblr or even posting private statuses to Facebook saying how upset you are about Paris will not solve all problems. Yes in fact it might even do nothing. But step back and think about the perspective of these disasters for a second. This blogpost probably will do nothing but I still want to write it to voice my thoughts. To voice my prayers and hopes for Paris, Gaza, Palestine, Ferguson, the world. To let my mindset flow out into words because who knows an idea to help people might come out of it. What about the pointless French flags on Facebook photos you might say? You might call them attention seeking or say they are doing jack sh*t. But did anyone promise they’d stop these problems? When I see my Facebook full of people changing their profile photos to flags or companies putting posts about how their thoughts are with Paris, I don’t see attention seekers, I see people who have heard the news. I see people who know what’s going on. Imagine if all these people could see the stories in Gaza and other places too. People have hearts and when a news story is publicized as much as Paris, people want to show that their hearts are with the country. We all share this Earth.

What does sitting around moaning ‘people just want to show off and act like they care about the world’ do? It does not make you better than them or mean you are doing more good to the victims in countries affected. Do you know the stories behind the people posting about Praying for Paris? How do you know for definite they haven’t got family or friends there. In this day and age we need to open our eyes and put victims first and keep the word about situations like these alive and open for discussion. Not trying to compete with each other to prove who is the most genuine.

Thanks for reading,

Lenah x x

No you aren’t being accepting when you say LGBT news isn’t real news

One form of torture I put myself through a lot when I’m bored online is reading comments. No matter what you’re reading comments from you’ll probably annoy yourself. A common theme for me is any news about LGBTA community. Whether it’s celebrities coming out, representation articles. No matter what, you will find a homophobe. People with nothing better to do with their time, and clearly no brain or heart as they are a homophobe, than to go on an article that clearly states it’s intentions to be LGBTA friendly and write horrible stuff.

But to be fair, there comes a time when the obvious homophobes, the ones that pride in their ignorance, just become unsurprising and you can ignore them very easily because they have no good debate or power. “It’s not natural!!” Neither is the stuff they put in most American fast food but I bet you’ll eat that.

The worst ones are the ones with internalized homophobia and transphobia. These people are the ones who will deny any accusations of refusing acceptance with as many excuses as possible. Common ones will be “I have a gay friend myself”, “My best friend is gay”, “It’s not that I have a problem with it BUT..” or “Believe me I accept this but we shouldn’t put labels on it”. There’s a lot of symptoms to this internalized phobia.

And maybe they don’t realise where their ignorance is. Maybe they really can’t see it? Maybe when they sit down on a Facebook article, talking about how Eastenders has hired an actual transgendered actor to play a transgendered character, instead of hiring a cis actor to ‘act’ transgender, like most media does, and think there’s nothing dodgy about writing ‘why can’t we just have normal actors?’ or ‘It shouldn’t matter what they are as long as they can act’. The worst offenders in my books are the so-called ‘I accept everyone’ people, who shout ‘NOBODY CARES’ on these articles. I could write you a long list of people off the top of my head who care about any LGBTA news regarding whether it is sexual preference or gender identity my friend:

  • The LGBTA Community themself. Believe me that is a lot more people than your ignorant a**.
  • Any youth who looks up to said media/celebrity and is struggling with coming to terms with their sexuality/gender.
  • Any older person who has struggled for a while with their sexuality/gender as for a long time it has been a taboo subject.
  • People no matter what age, who have accepted their sexuality/gender and like to know they are not alone.
  • Children who are growing up so they can understand that popular media isn’t just filled with straight people who identify with their assigned at birth sex.
  • Literally way over 200,000 people. I’m not even sure how big the current worldwide LGBTA community is. This is just based off a 2006 population estimate of New York City ALONE.

So no when you shout THIS SHOULDN’T BE NEWS BECAUSE WE SHOULDN’T BE SEGREGATING OR SINGLING OUT PEOPLE ANYMORE, you are not being an ally, you are not being accepting, you are dismissing the LGBTA community. You are saying we are not worth celebrating milestones or any celebrity role models who come out to the community. So many people feel so proud and happy when their role models are true to themselves and it should be encouraged. Not dismissed. The reason why it’s taken us so long to become more accepting? Because of people like you who just want to brush the LGBTA community under the carpet so you don’t have to take responsibility or feel guilty for the amount of damage that has happened. So many people are abused, bullied, discriminated, hurt, threatened or even killed for being LGBTA. We are nowhere near an ‘accepting’ community yet, so don’t just act like because the USA allowed gay marriage means it’s all ‘over now’, ‘we don’t have to worry about the gays anymore they’ve got what they wanted’. That was just the beginning to acceptance.

Thanks for reading my little rant,

Lenah x x

5p plastic bag charge getting you down? but think of all the cute re-usable bags…

Over the past two days the new ‘5p bag charge’ has been in law and I’ve seen so much nonsense about it. Personally I don’t see why it’s major news especially cause everyone was expecting it. I am an eco-warrior wannabe myself and have been since I was younger, mainly cause watching some CGI documentary showing the major natural disasters that could happen due to global warming when I was only about 7 or 8 was massively terrifying to me. It’s amazing how my anxiety wasn’t diagnosed until I was a late teenager! Since a young age I’d always be paranoid and anxious for days on possible outcomes and news stories like that.

People will argue plastic bags are biodegradable and break anyways so there’s no use fussing about them – the truth is they don’t actually ‘biodegrade’, they ‘photodegrade’. They will degrade from sunlight into smaller and smaller bits making it easier for them to contaminate soil and water. A lot of sea animals accidentally mistake plastic degrade for food and yearly this causes about 100,000 sea animal deaths. Nearly 90% of our ocean’s rubbish is plastic. So it really is a problem we are responsible for. I’m sure we’d all rather have our oceans look like those beautiful photoshopped photos we tag as ‘goals’ on Pinterest and Instagram than a murky, grey barren with Tescos bags floating adrift through the waters.

Obviously I can see people’s worries when it comes to trying to drag home something that is oversized, that they could not plan ahead in size. Back when I worked part-time in a Stationer’s, I’d always offer people buying printers the massive plastic bags we had, because not everyone’s got a bag for life or a canvas bag that size have they? But I also remember thinking it was stupid and absolutely pointless when people expected me to give them a full size bag for a pen? Really? Do you not have pockets, or your handbag or even just stuffing it in your shoe? Also on the note of retail workers – IT’S NOT THE CASHIER’S FAULT THEY ARE CHARGING YOU. I’m on the search for a part-time retailer job at the moment, and I swear if I get one and get hurled abuse for basically obeying the law I tell you what… I will probably go home and blog about it because I don’t have guts to argue with strangers. But still, in the great words of Wheaton’s law, don’t be a d*ck.

Canvas bags are becoming more and more available in shops and you can get some adorable ones that might encourage you to take them out when you go shopping. It’s always a good idea to get some, fold them up and stuff them in your handbag when you go out. I guess if you’re someone who never goes out with a bag, I can’t really help you aside maybe just take a light backpack out if you have money and might possibly buy something. If you fail to prepare and end up 15p wasted on bags from different shops, well I guess can you really complain?

Here are some adorable bags to solve your ‘5p problem’:

This cute and simple London shopper bag from New Look(£4.99) goes with anything and is easily foldable to store in a handbag!


For metallic fans this H&M(£9.99) has a gorgeous, autumnal bronze finish – perfect for storing new clothes in when going out to get your new autumn jumpers

Etsy.co.uk has a glorious selection of different bags with different colours and patterns on, some handmade from independent sellers! This beautiful Stag head one is from an Etsy store called KitschAttic(£14). It’s easily foldable but has a generous size perfect for taking on your weekly shop!

A shopper bag for the vegan/veggie fans here! This bag is from ViolentVegan(£4.99) on Etsy and is great to match with your eco-warrior self. Representing animal rights and refusing plastic waste? Mother earth loves you!

Finally if you know you’re a bit of a shopaholic and like to go on shopping sprees where you know you’ll be getting new stuff right, left and centre – maybe this Accesorize multipocket shopper bag(£19) is one for you! A little pricier than the rest but it can hold so much more! Perfect for multi-use and absolutely eye-catching!

Is the 5p plastic bag charge the end of the world for you? Or do you have the strength to go out and look awesome with awesome re-usable bags whilst doing rounds at Morrisons and Aldi?

Thanks for reading,

Lenah x x

“Stereotype threats” online: is it dangerous?

Whenever I visit Facebook it’s really not hard to find people starting debates on statuses, news articles, photos, memes, the lot! The negative atmosphere is easy to bring up on Facebook, no matter what the topic. I can assure you, you could go on any meme or ‘shared’ photo that comes up on your timeline and find an argument.

In the past (say a month ago, I won’t try to sugar coat myself), I’ve fallen for the habit of arguing with random people on news articles and stories to defend my own beliefs on things. When celebrities come out as bisexual or a sexuality that isn’t just gay, I have argued with the latter of people on those articles who just love to shout how these celebrities are confused or ‘shoving their sexuality in people’s faces’. I’ve also seen people argue that straight people should have their own pride, that feminists are evil, ‘ugly females that want all men dead’ or even other disgusting topics where people defend rapists or racists or murderers. It definitely riles me up and as I love to voice my own opinion, sometimes I get stuck in the loop of debating with these random people who probably live on the other side of the planet.

Recently, I’ve tried to take a step back and realise, there is no point arguing with these people. Most people have these toxic racist/sexist/homophobic beliefs ingrained into them via their upbringing or media brainwashing and a single teenager on the internet is not going to help them open their eyes. This was one if the many reasons I’ve considered blogging, I can voice my beliefs to try to help people see the dangerous effects of having xenophobic beliefs and share my own research on topics.

Plus, on the internet, people can get away with being rude and hurtful absolutely scot-free. If your social media profile is private enough, nobody can get to you further than replying to your comments, and they can easily choose to block you and continue with their anger. I think people enjoy taking out any internalized anger online as you’re hardly going to be punched in the face or face consequences for your actions.

Today I read a story about how our new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has appointed ‘vegan’ Kerry McCarthy as shadow Environmentalist secretary and a spokeswoman for our farming industry. First of all I am disappointed with most media’s descriptions of her immediately as ‘vegan’, I can see why it’s relevant to the story she is currently involved with but that shouldn’t label a person? It’s not even a needed label, are you expecting me to go around describing people by it? “Ah yes you’d love my vegetarian friend Jo, although I’m not sure about my meat eating friend Sarah”. It’s just adding on an unnecessary connotation to a person that separates them for a reason that is only important to themselves and nobody else. It’s also another way of pushing those stupid, internet-based stereotypes that hook onto people. Vegans get the stereotype of “elitists who try to make sure everyone knows they are vegan and will absolutely destroy anyone who even mentions meat in front of them”. I’m not denying there are vegans like this, but you should also admit there are meat eaters on the same level. (Have you ever met a ‘meat-eater’ who will literally not shut up as soon as someone says they do not like meat? Yes we get it, steak is amazing.)

The problem with reinforcing ridiculous stereotypes like this is that it creates an online way of threatening that is almost school playground like, which is shoving the thing the person does not like in their face as if that’s going to make them change their beliefs. On an article talking about Kerry McCarthy’s idea to advertise meat consumption in similar ways to smoking you could find a hoard of bizarre comments with almost borderline sexist slurs and threats that involve meat, cause “she’s a VEGAN we must make her cry by mentioning BACON”. Most vegans choose to stop eating meat, they do not suffer from PTSD at the mention of meat, by using meat in your threats you are simply making yourself look childish.

Disclaimer: these comments I found on a Lad Bible article, which really speaks for itself, but here are some of the things I found




So those are some incredible examples of the responses to this whole topic. Again, this is from Lad Bible which has the audience of mainly young people ranging from possibly 11-20 odd. I removed the names and photos for privacy but I can confirm these comments are mixed from females and males, admittedly male commenters pop up a bit more but that could be from the audience Lad Bible gets.

The obvious problem with these kind of topics is that arguing over people’s ideology on things such as food, diet, health, equality etc. suddenly can become even sour and toxic because for no reason aside shock value and threat, sexism (and other ‘isms’ but in this example mainly sexist slurs) come into it. The amount of people shouting ‘bitch’, ‘cow’ and ‘cunt’ in the comments was astounding. That one example there where she is called a ‘shit, ugly stripper’ is unnecessarily derogatory. But why do online ‘debates’ (more like battles) take this spiteful turn?

Like I mentioned before, the safety of being behind your computer or phone screen with privacy options put on your name makes it a lot easier to get away with this. Which is unfair and might take a while to change. But it is an extremely harmful system that works on the internet. Obviously this ‘vegan’ debate can be considered a minuscule problem. Other turns I have seen this pattern take is when it comes to arguing for actual sexism/racism/homophobic issues. Online warriors use these stereotypes they’ve built up during their time as being an online bully to try threatening people. The amount of times I’ve heard people drag out the rape jokes when ‘debating’ with a feminist is disgraceful.

This is definitely a pattern of ‘according to this stereotype I’m going to push this topic into your face because I don’t have any research to use in debate’ which becomes more and more dangerous when debates move on to more realistic topics. Bringing up history of rape, abuse, murder, violence etc. as a ‘joke’ or a ‘threat’ when talking to people is actually a lot more real than you’d imagine because some communities will turn these topics into ‘stereotype jokes’ or ‘dark humour’ which somehow gives them the ‘get out of jail’ pass and allows them to corner people who have not even communicated with them once.

Do you think this behaviour should be stopped? Would you say it is a growing online issue or an overreaction on my behalf?

I’d love to hear some feedback.

Thanks for reading,
Lenah x x

the refugee crisis: Britain is not overwhelmed and here is what you can do to help out

I’d like to firstly credit one of my beautiful friends for giving me this writing prompt (Ellie if you’re reading – you’re fab and thank you!). Politics and what’s going on in the country I live in is a topic that wavers in and out of my interest. I want to know about our government and what they are doing so I know who to vote for in future elections (cough ‘anyone but conservative/UKIP’ cough) but sometimes the negative things in politics can be quite depressing, however being ignorant isn’t always a good idea so I’ve decided to write a quick factual post on the current situation of the refugees fleeing from war-torn countries.

“Refugees are taking over. aaaAAAAH PROTECT THE JOBS!!! ”
This past few weeks the news, media and David Cameron are dead set on trying to convince everyone that our country is going to be overpopulated with refugees and that all of our jobs, homes and socks are going to be stolen by refugees. First of all, that is definitely not the case and if you know how biased and money grabbing the Conservatives can be, you’ll know that the media is twisting how the situation is and trying to brainwash you into fear.

Our country is not a generous one, although the media and people around you might try to make you believe. “Why can’t other countries take in these refugees, why are they coming all the way to us?”. This year Britain has only taken in 143 Syrian refugees. However let’s compare that to other statistics:

  • Germany has welcomed about 100,000 Syrian refugees since 2011.
  • Britain only had 10,050 positive decisions last year. Sweden had 30,650.
  • France had 14,815 positive decisions last year.
  • Italy had 20,580 positive decisions.
  • The UK is one of the countries with the highest rejection rate for 2014. With 15,820 rejections out of 25,870 decisions.


Kind of startling right? Why are we so damn picky about helping people? The refugees heading for Britain are such a tiny percentage of the amount of refugees trying to flee war-torn homelands and yet we act like we’re the most generous country in Europe and we want to ‘give up being kind’. We have a very stuck up society who doesn’t realise it’s flaws when it comes to helping human beings.
Some very useful blog posts I have found helping debunk the brainwashing the media is trying to spread on the refugee crisis include this honest and well spoken article on the British Red Cross site by Sophie Offord. Some facts from her post include:

  • Refugees and asylum seekers head to the UK mainly down to the fact they have family and friends they long to see again in the safety of the UK. It could also boil down to the fact they can speak English. If you were willing to risk your life to get away from danger wouldn’t you head somewhere that you have a good chance of surviving and being able to fit in?
  • In the UK only 0.24% of the population are made up of refugees and asylum seekers. That is a very tiny number despite what David Cameron wants to convince you.
  • Asylum seekers are five times more likely to head to Germany than the UK.

Another article I found includes this article written by Cahal Milmoin this article more claims made about the refugees are debunked, including extreme accusations like ‘the migrants are armed and dangerous’ – to date there have been no prosecutions of migrants/refugees or asylum seekers for such attacks, in fact there are more reports  of truckers and French police being brutal towards these people.

But of course despite all the proof, our government is still quite skeptical.

David Cameron, before giving in to the cries from the public demanding Cameron changes his views, described the refugees as ‘a swarm of people’. Making himself look very disgusting, the negative connotation behind ‘swarm’ (e.g insect swarms), very much shows the true colours of conservative views. They don’t care unless you’re born rich. Keep the rich, rich and keep the poor; you probably get the point.

The refugees will probably stay on the news for a good while now and personally it’s good that we are getting an insight on what is going on with them and their situation however next time you sit down and the media describes the country of being ‘overwhelmed’, remember that is a massive over exaggeration and that no innocent human being should be treated lesser.


Interesting ways to help the refugees and help their voices be heard include signing petitions, sharing honest media and statistics and donating your time and money towards them. Here are a few of the links I have found:

The Jungle Library is a small bookshop that are taking in books and money donations to try to create a library in Calais. You can send second-hand books to the address on the blog page or even click the Donate button to donate money for books!

You can donate to Asylum Aid! They are working to secure protection for people seeking refuge in the UK.


You can support Doctors of the World by donating or even looking into fundraising for them!


The Refugees Welcome campaign is a petition website where you can sign petitions based on your postcode/local area to show David Cameron you want to help the refugees!

I hope this blog post helped increase awareness of the statistics behind the refugee crisis and maybe even link you to some interesting ways for you and your family to help. Please feel free to share this post!

Thanks for reading
Lenah x x


why I fully respect Nicki Minaj’s callout at the VMA’s

Admittedly I am a huge media leech. I try not to be because I understand how troublesome and fake the media can be sometimes and how much they will try to control what you see, however thanks to Twitter, Tumblr etc I tend to find out about latest things happening with celebrities. This morning I had the fun of waking up to read about how Nicki Minaj had absolutely “dragged” Miley Cyrus at the MTV VMA’s the previous night (or day? timezones are confusing to my small brain).

Now first of all what makes me feel conflicted is seeing every media outlet or even young fans on social media going “Nicki Minaj clawed Miley Cyrus last night”, “Nicki Minaj attacks Miley”, “yes Nicki drag her”. In my own opinion, yes I was mentally cheering Nicki on much like that last sentence, however it’s smart to see there’s already a problem with media calling it a “drag”/”insult”/”attack”. The word we need to use is “call out”.

When you “call out” someone, it tends to mean that you point out verbally and make someone aware of a mistake they have made or something in their actions/behavior that inflicts badly on them or others. Recently Miley Cyrus had the whole topic of Nicki’s tweets talking about the racism the industry is giving out to black/POC artists right under everyone’s noses. For some reason Cyrus didn’t understand what Nicki was talking about, and decided to go on to say that Nicki’s attitude was ‘angry’ and that she was getting upset over not winning an award.
First of all to anyone who is questioned about a colleague or other person’s stress about something is to not make assumptions – when I started my current job, my supervisor gave us the advice “Making assumptions makes an ass out of you and me.”, quite cliché advice but someone should definitely tell Miley it.

As a white young adult, I cannot repeat Nicki Minaj’s strong Twitter speech about industry sexism and racism as I do not understand it or live it deeply as she and other POC artists do. I can only encourage others to listen. However Miley’s attitude just reinforced what Nicki was saying in her rant – white artists who do not educate themselves and instead shut down POC artists are contributing to the industry’s racism. When Nicki Minaj called her out with that amazing line – “Miley, what’s good?”, Miley had the cheek to shut her down with “yeah we’re all in this industry, we all know they manipulate sh*t”.

Miley needs to realise, if she knows deep down how much the industry ‘manipulate sh*t’, what good did she think would come from ignorantly discussing another artist’s views in an interview without knowing anything about what Nicki was talking about. Miley has used so much tone policing towards Nicki Minaj during these couple of days and the fact that she even continued to act all innocent and the ‘voice of reason’ when she was called out was kind of appalling.

Nicki Minaj is one of the music industry artists I look up to, a lot of the media will not show how she told her female fans “don’t you be out there depending on those snotty-nosed boys.” or how she invited Taylor Swift to join her on stage to express their reconciled friendship after being caught up in the media. Or her Instagram post showing her love for fellow artists Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and Britney Spears. I see Nicki Minaj as a great follower of “do no harm, but take no shit.” and that’s why if anything her call out towards Miley Cyrus is amplifying my respect for her.

Miley Cyrus is not ignorant. She constantly appropriates black culture, which was extremely noticeable at the VMA’s when she wore blonde dread extensions in her hair. Let’s not forget the times she has used POC dancers as background props essentially and has stolen the ‘twerk’ dance move claiming it as her signature move when twerking is a dance move originating from West Africa. She is in the wrong here, however if people don’t wake up and understand the respect Nicki deserves for this call out, the media is going to continue reinforcing the stereotype of ‘angry black woman’ on Nicki, which is completely untrue.

So that is my view on it, Miley Cyrus really needs to wake up and educate herself.

Thanks for reading,
Lenah x x