Scrapping of the Maintenance Grant – TAKE ACTION

So this is going to be a quick blogpost today as I want to get out as many ways of fighting against the recent conservative decision as possible. As said in this Observer article – using secondary legislation, the government have decided to completely abolish maintenance grants for poor university students. This means they have decided this quietly, completely avoiding discussion in the Commons and the Lords. Completely avoiding a vote and allowing the public who will be affected by this to voice their opinion. What a scummy government.

The maintenance grants is set in place to help half a million students pay for university life. It basically allows poor students to go and get the education they dream of and now our government is basically slamming the door in the face of these ambitious students without even a proper debate. The government have used their power in a cryptic move that renders them even more untrustworthy. They did this ‘move’ hoping nobody would notice. But the people always notice and people are angry.

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So, action must be taken, and the more people fight against this choice – the better. Here are some ways that could help this fight in the long run:

  1. First of all, follow NUS_UK on twitter, the National Union of Students care very much about this matter and have taken to tweeting about it miraculously today. Retweet their arguments and get them out there to your twitter followers. Social media is a great start to spreading any information. 
  2. The NUS website has a great page up at the moment that guides you through contacting your local MP and asking them to debate against scrapping the grants.  You can phone, email or even tweet your MP. 
  3. Sign this petition: The more signatures, the better.
  4. If you’re around London this Tuesday and have spare time you could always join this emergency protest in Parliament Square. Obviously it is very short notice and people have busy lives to get on with. (Gross how the government decided to do this during exam period). So if you can’t attend, do not worry!



Do not let the government get away with such a cowardly, devious move! Share this post and the petition above and fight for the #grantsnotloans movement. Everyone deserves an education.

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Yesterday Parliament voted that Britain will join the coalition of nations that are sending airstrikes to Syria. The MPs vote was 397 to 223 in favour of sending RAF Tornadoes to Syria. Personally I am disgusted by the decisions of our government and hope David Cameron and all the swines that voted in favour of it realise the blood on their hands. Foreign secretary Philip Hammond warned us that these airstrikes won’t even be a small amount of time. This could go on for a year. Our government are now murderers and we have to sit back and watch them make these terrible impulsive decisions.

Yes what happened to Paris is unforgivable. All the innocent people who lost their lives, I can’t even imagine what they went through – but bombing Syria is no better than what happened to Paris.

Remember last night when you went to bed. Remember putting your head on the pillow and being able to relax and doze off.
Imagine being a child in Syria. Imagine trying to fall asleep but tossing and turning cause for all you know tomorrow morning you might not wake up.

Imagine not being able to play in the streets and wander without a care in the world. Imagine feeling the sickly goosebumps of fear crawl all over you every time you hear a loud noise near you.

Imagine panicking every time you send your kids off to see their friends cause you might not see them return. Imagine wondering if your kiss to your significant other when they go out might be the last ever.

Imagine not having the comfort of the home you’re in now. Imagine not having your own unique room with it’s heating and blankets and electricity. Imagine not having the TV or Internet to know what’s going on. Imagine having to run away in the dead of night to try and save your own life because people are trying to kill you even though you’ve done nothing wrong.

Imagine seeing young, innocent children crippled and dying on the streets but you don’t have time to do anything about it because escaping the danger-zone you live in is your main priority because if you stay around for too long you could be next to be trapped in the rubble of a bomb.

Imagine not having your hearing or sight or even mobility because of the violence that is a daily occurrence in your country. Imagine not being able to hear your children laugh or play but instead having to watch them scream and cry out of fear but not knowing what to do because your ears are painfully ringing and your limbs are worn down by the injuries.

Imagine finally escaping the danger and war in your country to find out that some countries consider you dangerous. Your whole life you’ve been attacked and bombed by superiors even though all your life you’ve done nothing but try to survive and look after your family. Imagine it.

People in Syria don’t have to imagine this. They live it.

I hope anybody who is in favour of innocent people being bombed in Syria remember to love and be grateful for the safety and comfort they have right now. Because in other parts of the worlds they can’t have it for even a second.

I am not proud to be represented by David Cameron right now. His actions are not in my name.

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