Bad Habits

Let’s consider this an open post apologising for a lot of my bad habits. In fact one of my current bad habits is the reason why I haven’t made a blog post in a while – procrastinating! I have been putting off and putting off writing a post for a couple of days because lately I get very worried that my posts won’t live up to the standard I want or they won’t be good enough so I shouldn’t write them yet. A slight case of perfectionist, is what you could call it.

But I hope to try and stop that pattern of leaving, what feels like, a massive gap between each post I make and write a lot more. I recently got nominated by another lovely blogger for a Liebster Award so I will definitely do my post on that later on and I hope to get a lot more posts under my belt in the next few days. I really appreciate what people tell me about my blog and posts so if anyone has any particular posts they enjoy and would like to see more of, please tell me in the comments! I do enjoy sharing my cruelty-free/eco-friendly reviews and such but I can understand if people enjoy other things. I did try poetry posts once and if people enjoy them, I’d love the feedback!

Forgetting to respond to emails and messages is also a massive stupid habit of mine. I never really like to ignore people on purpose, unless they make me uncomfortable or are rude to me. So chances are if I have not responded to you – it’s never something you’ve done! It’s me being featherbrained and forgetting to respond. Chances are I’ll remember at 2am in the morning and be like “I will respond first thing tomorrow!!”, then the next day comes and it will be lost in the sea in my head of thoughts and tasks I need to do. Alas, a public apology to any friends or acquaintances who might be still wondering where my reply is! I promise to get back to you as soon as possible and I always welcome a second message telling me to get my ass in gear!

But yes, March is kicking off and I am excited and hopeful to get a lot more done and be more productive in March. If anybody has any tips on being more productive or any posts they’d love to see me try in March, please comment!


Thanks for reading!


Small ideas to kick start productivity when you suffer from depression

This could be similar for people suffering with depression or people who have quite normal brain chemistry alike but a lot of days you just don’t have the energy to do anything. To me it makes me feel like my body is ill but there’s no symptoms I just feel drowsy and ready to nod off and you want to avoid everything. Sometimes on worst days,¬†literally¬†everything. Grossly enough, you might even avoid showering and feel content to just staying in pyjamas for a couple of days on end, making excuses not to see friends because you just don’t feel it’ll do you any good. You feel like your body is not up to it for some reason.

Anybody else feel this? It’s a bit of a pants feeling, but I promise you, some very small steps can help you boost your motivation and get you back on track.

  1. Wash your face – This is such a small step I know, but it will refresh you. There’s a good reason why it’s one of the first things you do to wake yourself up in the day. Doesn’t matter if it’s mid afternoon, evening or 2am, go cleanse your face with some water and exfoliate and then splash cool water on it. Your skin will feel clean and awake.
  2. Select a part of your room and clean it – Cleaning your room is a huge drain of energy when you feel like this, I understand. So pick a small part, this could be your desk, your bed, your bookshelf, wardrobe. Give it a good clean, for example your bed area: take your duvet off, sprinkle/spray a bit of essence or your favourite perfume on the sheets, make your bed again and then vacuum around it! Maybe even take it up a notch and budge your bed over if you can and vacuum underneath the bed! I’ll be proud of you even if you just make your bed!
  3. Shower – This speaks for itself. Take a lovely warm shower and use a nice smelling shower gel. If you have to go out and are in reach of a Superdrug you could pick up one of their shower gels for only 99p! Cruelty free and they will lighten up your mood with the delicious scents. The shea butter one will leave a sweet linger that will comfort you and make you smell as sweet as you are.
  4. Get dressed and take a walk – Taking even a small 15 minute walk burns around 60 calories and gives your body a good pump of blood circulation. You get some fresh air as well and if you take a walk in the day which is the best time for this productive walk – you’ll get some vitamin D from the sun which will improve your mood balance. Put on your comfiest, cutest jumper and take your music out with you and enjoy the scenery. Take a few photos of scenery you like for yourself. No need to put them on Instagram or get sad if they’re not good images. This is all for you.

So you’ve done all that? That is incredibly productive and you should feel proud. You should never force yourself to do too many things in a day if you don’t want to. Taking a walk, showering and cleaning is productive enough! I hope these small tasks make you feel a bit more motivated to do other stuff. Maybe invite a friend on your walk, maybe do some small exercises in your room or even clean more of your room!

Is there any small things you do to motivate yourself?

Thanks for reading,

Helena x