About the Blogger

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Hey there! The name’s Helena and I am a 23 year old aspiring writer studying English Language and Creative Writing with a love for Jane Austen novels, poetry, herbal teas, cute animals and anything gingerbread flavoured. I am also hard of hearing and have to wear hearing aids as well as living with general anxiety disorder so in the future I hope to have more blog posts where I can talk about that and maybe be a friendly voice to anyone going through similar things!


This blog was created after going through a rough patch with a job and feeling very daunted and unsure of where to turn next, luckily creating this blog reminded me of how much I loved writing and it was one of the inspirations for how I then went on to apply for University in early 2016. I’m now happily studying and aiming for a future doing something I love whether it be poetry, children’s literature or some other form of writing, but I still have a lot of love and passion about writing blog posts – so don’t think I’m giving up this blog anytime soon! I really enjoy talking about trying to be more environmentally friendly and it’s importance, as well as makeup, skincare and books. Please check back here for future reviews on books I’ve read, as well as wishlist posts, favourite makeup and skincare products and other things in those areas!

If you’d like to get in touch feel free to drop a comment!