Hi my name is Helena and I’m a 23 year old graduate from Manchester with a passion for art, books, nice teas, video games and anything eco-friendly. Growing up being shy and hard of hearing, I’ve always been enchanted by writing whether it was running felt tip ink dry scribbling away or curiously tapping away at the family computer. (It was the only thing that didn’t need that horrendous dial-up!) I’ve always felt like when I spoke everything comes out bumbling and awkward but when I write my imagination and creativity sparks and thunders like fireworks. Writing has always been my go-to and I found myself inevitably becoming one of those millennials relying on Tumblr to express myself and dedicating hours to getting my ‘blog’ just right and finding people with similar tastes and favourite TV shows or video games through the site.

Eventually I discovered that I could have my very own outlet that was similar to that but use it to express my feelings, share my favourite things and regularly do my favourite pastime – write. This is how ‘Little Blogger Bee’ was born, and with it came the slow-burning dreams to become a published writer or work with books and publishing somehow. I decided to go and study something relevant at University and as of 2019, I am an English Language and Creative Writing graduate with Upper Second-Class honours! As you can see my blog has wavered in content, but I feel this shows my growth from a teenage writer into someone with a dream at least?

My goals going forward are to help introduce more people to simple ways of being more eco-friendly, share book reviews and provide a voice for anyone female, disabled, anxious, shy, eager and wanting to make a change. It may be a small voice but it’s better than nothing.

Freelance Writing

As well as managing this blog, I have experience doing freelance blog content in the past for Manchester’s Culture Calling website as well as my current job as a social media content creator for the University of Salford’s Made in Salford blog which involves me regularly writing blog content.

I’d love to expand my freelance writing portfolio so if you’d like to get in touch feel free to email me on enquiries@littlebloggerbee.com