About Me


The writer and creator of this beloved blogger is me! Helena!

I have happily grown up in the lovely South of Manchester and currently study English Language and Creative Writing at the University of Salford. I absolutely adore all things ranging from books to poetry to photography to illustration and writing! I’m your typical pretentious bookish Instagram stereotype who loves to visit libraries and gets excited about sitting alone in a niche cafe reading a book and drinking hot chocolate.

The name of this blog was a spur of the moment idea from my partner Will mainly based off how me and him both see an impeccable resemblance in me of the character Bee from Bee and Puppycat. As well as how driven I am with my writing and work I enjoy – buzzing like a bee! This blog is mainly personal to me however I am always open to writing reviews on products that I feel are relatable to my blog and audience. I feel like my blog is a space for me to let my mind run free and to talk about things that I care about.

Have a super day!

 – Also as a lover of bees, I want to put here a brilliant set of links to pages talking about ways you can help save bees in the UK. Bees have been on a drastic decline of native species and it is a scary fact that if all bees were to die out it would affect us, humans, severely. Please check out this page here for simple ideas on how to help bees and a page about donating to the British Beekeeper Association. – 

🐝 http://www.bbka.org.uk/join_us/donate 🐝

🐝 http://www.saveourbees.org.uk/why-are-bees-dying.html 🐝


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