My most recent reads – Spring 2019

Not quite sure if it really means anything, or actually push me to read more, but I’ve recently updated my GoodReads 2019 reading challenge to try and read 11 books this whole year! 🎉

Obviously, I don’t have the highest expectations of myself, but I thought it was realistic considering half of my year has been finishing University. The GoodReads reading challenge option is really useful as it shows you the percentage you have completed of your ‘challenge’, if you are any books ahead or behind schedule, as well as some recommendations based on what books you’ve managed to read! Have a go at starting your own reading challenge here. They also encourage you to re-read your favourites (still counts as a read) and use audiobooks if that’s what you prefer. 🎧

So what books have I read so far in 2019? Well I won’t bore you with every single one (well there’s only 5 so far, but still), so I thought I’d quickly share the most recent 3 I have finished as well as give you a quick review!

Book # 1 – Pure by Rose Cartwright

I first heard about Rose Cartwright and her OCD story through an article she wrote for The Guardian. Dealing with a recent diagnosis of OCD (a story I may go into another time when I feel more comfortable) myself, I thought picking up her book would be a good idea to get somebody else’s personal insight into living with the disorder and it’s struggles. In this memoir, Rose talks about her ‘Pure O’ OCD in which she experiences intense sexual intrusive thoughts, she discusses how it felt before she even discovered that she had OCD, she discusses countless attempts at therapies and writing her story for the Guardian. Despite me and Rose’s experiences being completely different, there were moments where she’d talk about the anxiety and distress and I would be like ‘oh my god I do that’. It was an incredibly reassuring and emotional read and Rose also pokes in lovely bits of humour and references that made this a very enjoyable memoir read. 🌻

Purchase ‘Pure’ here.

Book #2 – The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

‘The Bell Jar’ is a ‘cult classic’ from the 60’s that I hadn’t even considered picking up until this year. I have enjoyed Plath’s poetry before but randomly after spotting it in my University library, I decided to try the first chapter and I honestly could not put it down. It is said that the main protagonist Esther may be a ‘self-insert’ for Sylvia Plath, as Plath suffered with quite severe depression much like Esther did. When I read this, I enjoyed Esther’s first-person narrative incredibly because she showed such a blunt and realistic representation of how depression feels inside and on the outside. How frustrating it can feel when others do not understand how you feel. I would definitely recommend this to anybody, although the second half of the book has quite a lot of mention and scenes of suicide attempts and self-harm so it might be a bit intense for some readers.

Purchase ‘The Bell Jar’ here.

Book # 3 – You by Caroline Kepnes

This book literally left me sat up at night going ‘what the f*ck?’ but in a slightly good way. You (😉) have probably heard of ‘You’ if you have a Netflix account; recently a 10 episode series was released following a similar story to the book. If you haven’t watched the show – ‘You’ follows the first person narrative of bookstore manager Joe Goldberg. Joe claims he’s a big romantic and wants to do anything for the woman he loves. This not-so-lucky woman is called Beck. What Beck doesn’t know is Joe is willing to do anything. Even murder. She also doesn’t know that their future ‘coincidental meetings’ are completely manipulated and planned by Joe. Reading this book was so strange and creepy since everything is from Joe’s point of view. He believes everything he is doing – stalking, manipulating, stealing – is completely right. I did enjoy the book and got through it quite quickly but there were some parts that I just felt were too unnecessarily vulgar and didn’t make sense. Why you gotta bring Ben & Jerry’s into a scene like that?!😷 (People who finished the book will know!)

Purchase ‘You’ here.

So that’s the most recent books I’ve been reading. I have recently started ‘The Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled‘ by Ruby Wax that I am half way through and I also have ‘The Binding‘ by Bridget Collins on my TBR pile. Do you want to keep track of what books you have read or want to read? I highly recommend signing up for a GoodReads account. 📚

Feel free to share what books you’ve been reading in the comments below! I’d love to hear.

Thanks for reading,


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