Reintroducing 2016 me

Self-reflection is something I try to practice almost every week in my life. Growing up I used to take on confrontation or debate very sensitively and would go head first, shouting before I thought and using insults to try and come out on top as the ‘winner’ in an argument. Honestly I look back at old me and pity her. What’s funny is, I won’t deny I’m not happy with what I was like this time last year or how I was a few months ago or yesterday. Finding a healthy balance of self-criticism can be hard and I plan to try and work on that in the next coming year.

So as you can tell, I got very bad at keeping up with my blog during University. The best I could pull up was talking about using reusable cutlery, my mind had reached a writing block and gone very foggy. Now with this blog post, I’m not going to pull some amazing piece of writing, a review or advice out of my backside, I mainly just want to apologise for my absense and self-reflect stuff that’s happened during University and me as a person. I hope to progress into 2017 with more confidence and focus on things that are important. Have a more positive outlook on life and say good riddance to 2016.

So first of all, let me reintroduce myself so that I can move on from 2016 me.

I’m Helena, I’m a University student. I am studying English Language and Creative Writing.
For a while I tried to sustain this blog as focusing on cruelty-free beauty, products and lifestyle. 
I am extremely blessed to have worked for Manchester vegan diner V Revolution and the team there is amazing and meeting them all was one of my plus sides of 2016.
Despite my interest in the vegan lifestyle, animals, cruelty-free beauty and my job. I cannot call myself a vegan or vegetarian right now.
I have bilateral hearing loss in which I have to wear hearing aids, go through regular check ups, hearing tests and have adjustments during University for my hearing. Can I hear without them? Yes, but not clearly. Everyday I don’t thank the people in my life, who accept my muck ups due to my hearing, enough. I have bad habits of putting music on too loud or making people repeat themselves. I have bad habits of not bothering to use my hearing aids, which can lead to me not taking in information when I should. I don’t blame people getting impatient with me, but I am always thankful for the people who accept it and continue to try and be more open to help and support in the next year.
I have anxiety and severe depression. I haven’t really got much to say there. I apologise for any times this year I have come across as apathetic, lethargic or paranoid.
My worst habits are leaving food in the fridge too long and forgetting to chuck it out, putting my music on too loud in the evening, eating McDonald’s chicken nuggets when I’m drunk when I want to be vegetarian, joining in with internet humour that complains about boys when I consider myself a feminist, drunk ranting on twitter, calling female video game characters ‘my wife’ and sniffing in a disgusting manner instead of blowing my nose.
My 2017 resolutions are to not break myself down too much for other people, to assess situations and move on as quickly as possible when things can’t go my way, to ask for help when I need it, to put positive energy into my University work instead of letting it scare me and rile up my anxiety, to order a Veggie burger instead of chicken when drunk and to finally I have realised I should put less of myself into social media and more of myself into keeping people, that are present in my life, company.

So I hope in 2017 I can turn around and introduce myself again, just as Helena. The University student. I hope I can bring myself and the people around me a lot more positivity and I hope, maybe, I can put more time and effort into this blog! :o)

What are your resolutions for 2017 guys?



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