Legalizing Gay Marriage wasn’t the End

Now I never like to group a majority under one offence or stupid act because I understand that is unfair. (E.g all men are rude to women) But I do sometimes see a pattern on social media, probably cause you have the fact you’re behind a computer screen as defense, of straight people claiming ‘gay people’ or members of the LGBT community are reaching for too much considering they ‘already have same sex marriage’. But don’t worry, these lovely bunch aren’t being rude because they have ‘one gay friend’!

In all seriousness, people of all sexuality/gender orientation need to realise – yes getting same sex marriage legalized in a lot of places is a massive step; excellent in itself and the stories of people finally getting to marry the person they love after years of shunning is great. However, the ‘fight for rights’ for the LGBT community are far from over. It’s so bad that most state legislators will try their best to ensure the struggle is still there. If you have been up to date on US news you may have heard of the ‘HB2 Bill’. This is a law that reverses an original standing ordinance allowing rights to gay & transgender people. This law states it will protect people against discrimination based upon race, religion, age, national origin and biological sex – but LGBT people are nowhere to be seen under this protection which is sparking outcry amongst many people; as it should.

So how and whom does this ridiculous law affect? Of course this means cities and counties must ensure that people using a toilet only uses the biological sex noted on their birth certificate. This basically means any transgender people(of any age) who have not gone through the ‘surgical and legal changes’ have no legal right under law to use the ‘gendered bathroom’ they feel comfortable with and identify. This law also effects minimum wage, in the way that now cities and counties can not set a minimum wage standard for private employers. This also challenges transgender youth by telling them they must use gym and restrooms based upon the gender on their birth certificates. This is extremely damaging to transgender youth, as it is known the young LGBT community do go through a lot of bullying and discrimination in a day to day basis anyways but this horrible law is not doing anything to help the youth. Since the HB2 bill was passed, calls to suicide hotlines for the trans community have doubled. This is just devastating to hear and I don’t understand how people in North Carolina, or anywhere to be honest, can support this bill – the ‘worry’ of Christian conservatives, is that the ordinance allowing transgender women to use the toilet they identify with would allow ‘men to prey’ on women and children.



Now first of all, where is this ‘worry’ of men preying on women in day to day life? There is so many cases of young girls being sexually assaulted and raped by men, these situations not even being the ‘predatory men in bathrooms’, unfortunately a lot of the time the assaulter can be someone close to the victim. This bill has been enforced in high schools yet only 7% of rapes will be committed in a school, compared the 13% that takes place at the home of a friend, relative or neighbour. Another terrifying statistic is that 82% of attacks are ‘non-stranger’ and 47% are a friend or relative to the victim. These are the areas these people should be worrying about, they should be encouraging victims to come forward and feel safe and actually get these disgusting rapists locked away instead of claiming ‘for the safety of women and children’ as their reason to be anti-LGBT and transphobic. 98% of rapists will never spend a day in jail or prison.

It is ironic, this so called ‘reasoning view’ is to lurk on people using the toilet. How are you going to know if a transgender woman is using the womans restroom? Are you going to go sneaking under all of the stalls to check? Are you going to physically impose on every person that walks in and ask them about their life and genitals? If anything, that makes you the ‘predator’ here and it’s frankly disgusting. Did you not grow up in a house with a family? Where you literally SHARED a toilet with different sexes? Why is this any different? Just let someone do their business. Ensure the safety of transgender people on the exact same level as cisgender people. Stop trying to hide your transphobic ideology under ‘protecting’ people.


Don’t let idiots like Pat McCory think this is ok. I am happy to see people all over the community giving people who wanted this bill passed; hell. Also another thing to think about as I finish this post-

A lot of people defending this bill cry out ‘you wouldn’t want to see a man in the women’s toilets whilst you’re in there with your little girl! I bet people defending this are just predators!’. What makes you think a rapist, is going to stop just because of a law? If that’s really what this is about.


Thanks for reading,


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