Back to the Future Hearts tour Manchester 2016

If you know me well you’ll know one of my favourite bands is All Time Low and how much I’ve loved them since around 2009. I did get to see them last year perform at Leeds festival and I enjoyed it so much but it’s actually been so long since I got to see them live at their own headlining concert. I’ve always somehow lost the opportunity to go see them whenever they’re on tour or not had the money but luckily this year I got to go and it was one of my favourite nights of this year so far.

I’m making this short post to just talk about how incredible the band and their supports performances were and what songs I think people should check out if they have never listened to All Time Low before because I will always recommend their music.

Their first support of the night was a NY originated band called Against the Current who I didn’t know about until last night and admittedly they grew on me very much. The lead singer Chrissy Costanza is so gorgeous and any band with a female lead is always a band I appreciate. They started their set off with a song called ‘Running with the Wild Things’ which definitely pumped me up for the rest of the night.

They also did a couple other of their own songs as well as a great cover of Uptown Funk, a song loved by everyone. Chrissy definitely nailed the attitude that makes that song excellent and catchy.

Next up was a band I think a lot of people were looking forward to. The girls next to me were jumping all over the place in excitement for them. Good Charlotte. Now when I heard they were supporting, I wasn’t hugely buzzed because I thought I didn’t know any songs by them but I actually knew 3 of their songs and those songs are incredible! It shocked me that Good Charlotte have been a band for a good 16 years but that also explains why there were quite a few young girls/boys there who didn’t even make an emotional expression when the hit ‘Girls and Boys’ was played. Poor kids probably never heard of them.

Against the Current and Good Charlotte definitely set the bar for the rest of the night and I was so impatient for All Time Low to come on and boy, did they deliver. They literally rose up to the stage and everyone went wild.

Their set list for the night started with Kids in the Dark, an anthem for teenagers and youths who are going through struggles but who never give up. I love the lyrics to Kids in the Dark so much, it gives me so much enthusiasm and energy.

Now I won’t go on a tangent about every song they played on their setlist. But I’ll definitely leave the links to some of my personal favourites below. It was such an amazing night and I want to thank All Time Low, Good Charlotte and Against the Current for such a brilliant night. They set the bar high for any other concerts I go to this year.


Thanks for reading (and listening!)

Helena x

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