Cosplay inspiration from Nintendo Direct

Today’s Nintendo Direct was pretty intriguing! Most of this year I haven’t really been paying much attention to Nintendo’s releases and plans. I did originally want to purchase one of their new ‘New Nintendo 3DS’ consoles because my original 3DS is becoming a bit scuffed and such however I never got round to saving the money for it which is a shame. Considering the adorable cover plates you can get for it!

There’s so many variation and the screen resolution on the new consoles look stunning! But today my friend asked me if I was watching the direct so I decided to have a peek at it and ended up very hooked. My favourite parts of the Nintendo direct was definitely..


Pokemon Red,Blue and Yellow Digital Release

Unlike most people in my generation I was actually very late to the Pokemon gaming community. Most of my Pokemon fan friends were lucky enough to enjoy the original games back when it was released on game boy however my first game was Pokemon Diamond! However the announcement of the re-releases of Red, Blue and Yellow on digital download was super exciting! I am considering downloading red or yellow!


Star Fox Zero on Wii U

I have never played Star Fox before but watching the gameplay on today’s Nintendo Direct has definitely made me want to purchase Star Fox Zero which is coming out April 22nd 2016. The art style in this Wii U game definitely caught my eye and I’m always a fan of sci-fi settings so I will be buying it!


Linkle announced for Hyrule Warriors Legends

This definitely hit my list of favourite things in this Nintendo Direct because when Linkle’s design was shown I absolutely fell in love with her. Growing up I actually never gendered Link until I was older (fun fact when I was little I thought Link was a girl! I also thought Knuckles from Sonic was female.), but obviously the developers have designed Link as male presenting and finally we have Linkle! With precious blonde plaits and badass double crossbows, her design almost makes me consider buying Hyrule Warriors Legends. It is releasing early 2016 and I recommend anyone to try playing as Linkle she looks so interesting to play as!

Speaking of Linkle, my main inspiration from this Nintendo Direct is that I am so in love with Linkle’s design I am considering trying to cosplay her for MCM Expo in 2016. I am definitely a rookie cosplayer considering my only complete cosplay I have done is my Harley Quinn cosplay this year!



So yeah from today on I am going to try to plan out a cosplay of Linkle. Looking at her full design I would definitely have to try to model my own crossbow props. I’m also not 100% sure what is hung round her neck but I’m assuming it is a compass? Aside from modelling them I am super excited to make it! The green cape will be fun to make!

Anybody got any cosplay plans for next year or are inspired/excited about today’s Nintendo direct?

Thanks for reading,

Lenah x x


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