#StopTheStigma Video Series

I love talking about stuff I’m passionate about. Unfortunately for most people in my life I will often go off on a rant or speech about random things that were only a teeny weeny bit relevant to the conversation just randomly. You could almost relate me to that one gif from New Girl of Jess.


But I wouldn’t isolate my ‘rants’ on just feminism because I love covering all important topics. Feminism, racism, lgbta news, mental health, ableism, sex education, the environment, local news. I love discussing things and learning new things because when I learn new facts or figures about these topics whether it’s good news like how Daniel Teklehaimanot made history for Africa being the first to win at the Tour De France(Source) or unfortunate bad news like how real bear fur is cruelly used for Buckingham palace’s guard uniforms. (Sign the petition to stop this here!) I feel educated, I feel intrigued and I want to encourage the change for more good news!

So I decided on a whim the other day to start a series called #StopTheStigma. At first I thought of just settling for writing every so often but I’ve always wanted to try the vlogging platform so I thought why not make videos discussing stuff! You can check out my introductory video right here! Including closed captions for deaf watchers!:

So basically much like I tried to awkwardly put forward in my first video – hopefully each week I will be making videos talking about different topics that are often stigmatized or maybe frowned upon in society. So far my definite topics are:

  • Mental Health (including anxiety, depression, suicide, self harm, disorders, ED)
  • Sex (sex education, contraception, consent, non-heteronormative/P-in-V sex)
  • Periods
  • Masturbation
  • Bullying
  • Sexuality and Gender Identity

But I’m always open to suggestions so please feel free to comment on my video with any topics you think I should cover!! I want to make short and sweet videos covering facts about each thing and why I personally think it shouldn’t be stigmatized and the harms of not talking about these topics.

Due to some personal stuff I might be delayed on making my first video but I will definitely have one up soon and when I do I will post a blog post with more details alongside them!

Thanks for reading, please subscribe to my youtube channel for upcoming videos

Lenah x x

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