No you aren’t being accepting when you say LGBT news isn’t real news

One form of torture I put myself through a lot when I’m bored online is reading comments. No matter what you’re reading comments from you’ll probably annoy yourself. A common theme for me is any news about LGBTA community. Whether it’s celebrities coming out, representation articles. No matter what, you will find a homophobe. People with nothing better to do with their time, and clearly no brain or heart as they are a homophobe, than to go on an article that clearly states it’s intentions to be LGBTA friendly and write horrible stuff.

But to be fair, there comes a time when the obvious homophobes, the ones that pride in their ignorance, just become unsurprising and you can ignore them very easily because they have no good debate or power. “It’s not natural!!” Neither is the stuff they put in most American fast food but I bet you’ll eat that.

The worst ones are the ones with internalized homophobia and transphobia. These people are the ones who will deny any accusations of refusing acceptance with as many excuses as possible. Common ones will be “I have a gay friend myself”, “My best friend is gay”, “It’s not that I have a problem with it BUT..” or “Believe me I accept this but we shouldn’t put labels on it”. There’s a lot of symptoms to this internalized phobia.

And maybe they don’t realise where their ignorance is. Maybe they really can’t see it? Maybe when they sit down on a Facebook article, talking about how Eastenders has hired an actual transgendered actor to play a transgendered character, instead of hiring a cis actor to ‘act’ transgender, like most media does, and think there’s nothing dodgy about writing ‘why can’t we just have normal actors?’ or ‘It shouldn’t matter what they are as long as they can act’. The worst offenders in my books are the so-called ‘I accept everyone’ people, who shout ‘NOBODY CARES’ on these articles. I could write you a long list of people off the top of my head who care about any LGBTA news regarding whether it is sexual preference or gender identity my friend:

  • The LGBTA Community themself. Believe me that is a lot more people than your ignorant a**.
  • Any youth who looks up to said media/celebrity and is struggling with coming to terms with their sexuality/gender.
  • Any older person who has struggled for a while with their sexuality/gender as for a long time it has been a taboo subject.
  • People no matter what age, who have accepted their sexuality/gender and like to know they are not alone.
  • Children who are growing up so they can understand that popular media isn’t just filled with straight people who identify with their assigned at birth sex.
  • Literally way over 200,000 people. I’m not even sure how big the current worldwide LGBTA community is. This is just based off a 2006 population estimate of New York City ALONE.

So no when you shout THIS SHOULDN’T BE NEWS BECAUSE WE SHOULDN’T BE SEGREGATING OR SINGLING OUT PEOPLE ANYMORE, you are not being an ally, you are not being accepting, you are dismissing the LGBTA community. You are saying we are not worth celebrating milestones or any celebrity role models who come out to the community. So many people feel so proud and happy when their role models are true to themselves and it should be encouraged. Not dismissed. The reason why it’s taken us so long to become more accepting? Because of people like you who just want to brush the LGBTA community under the carpet so you don’t have to take responsibility or feel guilty for the amount of damage that has happened. So many people are abused, bullied, discriminated, hurt, threatened or even killed for being LGBTA. We are nowhere near an ‘accepting’ community yet, so don’t just act like because the USA allowed gay marriage means it’s all ‘over now’, ‘we don’t have to worry about the gays anymore they’ve got what they wanted’. That was just the beginning to acceptance.

Thanks for reading my little rant,

Lenah x x

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